Tom Has a Plant (2019)

Official trailer

Graduation film by Thịnh Nguyễn for his final year at The Animation Workshop, Denmark.

Synopsis: Tom is living in a world where he doesn’t feel that he belongs, torn between staying or searching for a better place. On his last day, Tom decides to give all of his plants away to the ones he loves, without knowing that they already have a secret plan for him.

Film by Thịnh Nguyễn
Sound by Sofie Birch
Duration: 6 minutes
Technique: CG animation

Festival distribution:
Miyu Distribution
Luce Grosjean

Still frames from the film.


Jury Honorable Mention at TAIS Animation Showcase

Annecy International Animatied Film Festival
Nordisk Panorama Film Festival
London International Animation Festival
Fête de l'Anim
Turku Animated Film Festival
Viborg Animation Festival
Kaboom Animation Festival
Milano Film Festival
River Film Festival
Vermont Animated Film Festival
Queer Lisboa Film Festival
TAIS Animation Showcase
KROK Animated Film Festival
Animation Volda Festival
Prime The Animation
LesGaiCineMad Film Festival
International Queer Film Festival Merlinka

The film initially started as a stop motion film but due to some technical deficiencies, Thinh had to make everything again in CG. Here are some stills of the stop motion sets that did not survive. 

Woodcraft by Rasmus Schwartz.